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General Care Information

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as this causes premature fading, rotting and deterioration to both fabric and leather. We recommend that curtains be closed when the room is not in use. Also, do not place furniture to near a radiator or heat source.

Fabric Care Information

Vacuum weekly, as dust is very abrasive and causes premature wear. Take special care to reach between folds, seams, under and behind cushions etc, as grit and dust readily collect in these areas.Soak up spills immediately but avoid hard rubbing.

  • As a rule, fabric cleaning is best undertaken by certified fabric cleaning specialists. Ask them for reassurance that their chemicals will not affect the fabric.
  • Use foaming aerosol upholstery cleaners at your own risk and read the instructions carefully. Always spot test on a hidden part of the fabric to check for any adverse reaction. Such As : ZKleen Carpet Power is good for velvet and polyester fabric clean, but is not good for linen fabric.
  • Fabrics treated with a fabric protector will resist staining better, making cleaning easier. If applying fabric protection, check that it does not affect the fabric manufacturer’s warranties.
  • Turn reversible cushions regularly.
  • To extend the life of your fabric suite we recommend arm covers.

Leather Care Information

  • Leather is a natural product and each hide is different in its structure and grain appearance. Variations to the grain, heal marks, stretch or growth lines are what give leather its unique qualities and distinguish it from imitations.
  • All leather will stretch and form comfort creases as a result of being sat on. The effect is called puddling. Puddling occurs from the initial use period and generally does not continue beyond this, as the amount of stretch is directly related to the amount of compression. Factors which contribute to the amount of puddling are the size of the leather panel (large panels verses smaller segmented panels), the density of the foam, type of suspension (webbing/no sag springs) and the amount of weight placed on the seat. Puddling is not a fault with the leather; rather it is a good indication of quality manufacturing as large pieces of leather are used.
  • Dust is very abrasive and causes premature wearing. Wipe leather surfaces down with a damp cloth each week to remove dust. Special care should be taken to clean between folds, as grit and dust collect in these areas.
  • Accumulation of body oils, skin products, perspiration, creams, hair products and general grime in key contact areas (such as head rests, arms and seating) are extremely detrimental to the leather’s outer protective topcoats. However, they can be removed by regular wiping with a damp cloth. When cleaning, avoid using general household cleaning products as these may cause permanent damage to the leather. Only use specialist leather care cleaning products. 

General Care Information –  Wooden Furniture Care

  • Regularly wipe over the furniture with a damp warm cloth followed by a dry soft cloth (do not use a greasy dish cloth).
  • To remove grease, add a few drops of detergent to a bowl of warm water then dampen a cloth with this solution and wipe over. Always clean off with another clean damp cloth and wipe dry.
  • To rejuvenate rustic surface table top, we recommend High Performing Clear Wax to regularly maintain.
  • To rejuvenate polished well solid timber and veneer surfaces we recommend Mirotone Spray Glow furniture polish. It is a clear, lightly perfumed furniture polish for any low gloss surface. Mirotone Spray Glow cleans and protects the wood, is silicone free and has a low sheen. Caution: do not use wax or oil products, especially with a silicone content.
  • Things to avoid on wooden surfaces include: nail polish remover, synthetic glues, solvents etc, lemon juice and vinegar.
  • Direct heat from casseroles, tea pots and coffee mugs etc, should be avoided. Hot items placed on anything containing moisture will steam the surface and cause surface blemishes. Frozen items can cause a similar effect. If it happened, please use steam iron to move the white marks. More videos on YouTube.
  • PVC Transparent Tablecloth Table Mat Protective Film is recommended to protect the table top.
  • Avoid dragging or sliding heavy cabinets across the floor. Lift at all times.
  • Avoid rocking back on chairs as this will weaken the chair joints.

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